School Uniform

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School Uniform Read more

After School Snacks

25/05/2016 Main

I’ve recently been pondering the subject of the importance of after school snacks for the kids. After a hard day of schooling, kids always come home feeling tired, a little cranky and most definitely needing a bit to eat. If I want them to do the best job possible of the bag full of homework that they naturally bring home with them every school night, I need to ensure that they get the best energy and concentration boost I can provide for them to see them through until dinner time. I have been experimenting with a number of different snacks (I am lucky that my two kids are not fussy eaters and have enjoyed all that they have been fed) and thought I would list them here along with what I feel to be their unique benefits. Read more

Home Tutoring Classroom Setup

12/05/2016 Main

After my recent fears about whether or not I am spoiling the kids with lavish gifts or not, I have decided to turn my attention to something more educational for them. The children both love school but sometimes they get a little bored because, academically speaking, they are both very gifted and more advanced than their classmates. The school has a policy on not permitting children to skip a year, so this means that both my son and daughter are regularly completing work that comes very easily to them. The social interaction they attain from school is just wonderful but they are not being challenged intellectually. I really do like the children to have some down time after school and at the weekends and just play. They are kids after all and learning through play is extremely important, as is the ability to enjoy themselves. Read more

Spoiling Children

05/05/2016 Main

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, after the recent expensive purchases for Aaron and Lizzie, if my husband and I have been spoiling the kids a little too much.  My Mum always tells me that we shouldn’t buy them expensive gifts outside of birthdays and Christmas. I can see her point as once children start receiving presents on a regular basis they can start to expect or even demand whatever they want, whenever they want it. Read more

Pink Princess Playhouse

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Happy son and even happier Dad! Read more

Children at the centre of eduction.

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So as I have already stated I am extremely passionate about education and I am open to all methods and ideas just so long as a child’s needs are at the forefront. I think that the most fundamental objective here is to ensure that our younger generations are given the opportunities and facilities to learn and progress. I have always believed that education is the answer to social inequality. It is the ability to learn that makes us so unique and gives us the freedom to express ourselves. Without this freedom we leave room for deprivation, manipulation and inequality. Read more

Keeping the Kids Busy and Active During the Easter Holidays

31/03/2016 Main

With Easter Fast Approaching I have been thinking of various ways I can keep my kids busy and active during their 2 week break from school. Both children have always had a preference for keeping busy at home with activities such as arts and crafts and creative writing. However, in recent months my son has expressed an interest in more adventurous, outdoor activities and I am keen to encourage this because I would like both children to spend more time outside, having fun and doing something a bit different. Read more

Children and museum

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Keep your children busy at home

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Apart from the school, a large part of the education is done at home and it is difficult to intelligently keep your children busy, especially with all the new technologies of today: TV, internet, iPad, PlayStation or even smartphones. I try to keep away them to the maximum of its objects, but this is not always easy to have good ideas! So the best is to find fun activities to do with your kids. I have some examples to you: Read more


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I wrote in one of my earlier blogs about home schooling.  The other day a friend enlightened me to the world of unschooling, a term that sounded both foreign and horrifying to me. The thought of not educating your child at all just seems absurd to me, as a parent.  However, this method of education is actually more convincing that its name suggests. Read more

You Like to Sew??

26/01/2016 Main

Hi everyone. Would just like to apologise for the lack of action on the blog front over recent times. It was a hectic Christmas period and there have been a number of other events throughout January so I just haven’t found the time to get stuck into another post. As you know my kids are at school and if you have read other posts of mine then it talks of the expense that every new school year brings: school uniforms. Some of us are not in the fortunate position where you can just go out and buy a new school uniform every time something rips or tears or whatever, so that has brought me to the crux of this entry; how can you fix these problems cheaply and hardily enough so the same doesn’t happen again the next time. Read more

North-South divide in Schools

01/12/2015 Main

North-South divide in Schools Read more

Caravanning in Europe During School Holidays

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Caravanning in Europe During School Holidays! Read more

Marks & Spencer

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School uniforms are becoming more expensive, especially if you want something half decent that will last longer than term or so. It would definitely be one advantage of home schooling if you didn’t have to fork out for uniforms, but then again there is the cost of books etc. Anyway, I am digressing from the purpose of this entry. Read more

Home Schooling

03/11/2015 Main

The first point of entry into this new blog is going to talk a little bit about home schooling. Are you for or against it? It is something that I am seriously considering for my 2 children. I have been looking into the pros and cons  and I am very close to making a decision. My father was a very clever man and he always said he wished he had done it. My mother had a good job and could have supported us. I am fortunate in having a husband with a very good job, and my education was a pretty good one, so I would feel very comfortable, from an intelligence level educating my kids. Read more


Blog Introduction

01/11/2015 Main

Welcome to my new blog all about schooling and the education system. As a parent it is something that I hold close to my heart as I want my children to get the best experience of schooling they can. I hope we can work together and advise and help one another. Read more